You have developed a game or a programme for the Amiga and you would like to distribute it? You require an able and reliable distribution partner? We would like to co-operate with you and distribute your software successfully and at a profit!

We offer the following services in distribution:

  • CD case and CD surface design plus printing
  • CD buildup
  • CD duplication
  • CD distribution
  • Advertisement in Amiga magazines and on web sites
  • Web design
  • PDF manual
  • Translations
  • Installer scripting
  • Betatest on AmigaOS 4 systems, if necessary
  • Support

Our distribution model tries to support the Amiga market instead of following the normal commercial goals because the AmigaOS4 market is not yet really established. Development must be supported. Of course we have to cover our cost and so we charge a small amount for our distribution. Our main goal is to make the Amiga market interesting for developers.

Please ask for a distribution quote. We would be pleased to work with you.