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Alinearis 2 is a logic game for your AmigaOS 4. Your mission is to remove all the balls from a level. Alinearis 2 provides you with two skill levels, three modes of play and theme support for unlimited customisation.
Caution high addiction factor!
The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native. It does not need any additional libraries or SDL.
Please try the WarmUp version of Alinearis 2 to convince yourself about this great game.

Alinearis 2 is available via download or CD. The download version costs only 6 Euro at Amistore and the CD version 9,95 Euro. Order at once from our OnlineShop.

Alinearis 2 is a logic game for AmigaOS 4. The game is not a SDL-game.

Alinearis 2 has the following features:

You need:


  • AmigaOS 4.0 or higher


  • ca. 32 MB Ram
  • 20 MB hard disk memory

Alinearis 2:
Amiga Future 01-02/2008:
"Alinearis2 is a really good puzzle game that can keep you absorbed for a long time."


Alinearis 2
Alinearis 2
Alinearis 2
Alinearis 2

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