• 2007-04-07

Updates of our programs and adoption of the Support Center

Wehrheim, Germany the 07th April 2007.

We are glad that we can present to you our new Alinea Computer Support Center and new versions of ANotice and AmiPhoto.

Support Center
With this Support Center you can easily register our products and get support and updates. Our Support Center will also help you to contact us. In the future we want to expand our "Alinea Computer Support Center". For instance we are planing to upload Beta versions of our products to this site. Then you will have the possibility to use our beta programs (at your own risk) and you don't have to wait for an offical update. Please note that we recommend this service only for experienced users.

Have lots of fun with our new Support Center!

ANotice 2.1
New in version 2.1:

  • Added: Double Buffering for the windows
  • Added: Shows the last date of change in the title bar
  • Added: Mouse wheel support in the edit mode
  • Changed: Port to GCC4
  • Changed: Reworked the font engine
  • Changed: New dragbar
  • Changed: Reworked loading and saving routines
  • and some smaller changes and bugfixes

AmiPhoto 1.5.1
Version 1.5.1 changes:
  • Added: new html themes and a new GUI from Martin Merz (MASONICONS). A big thanks goes to him for this great work.
  • Changed: now you shouldn't be able to load a (unchanged) catalogue twice by mistake
  • Changed: title bar in the main window and the progress window
  • Changed: new French localication from Mehdi Boulahia. Thanks for the translation.
  • and some smaller changes and bugfixes

The updates are only in our Support Center available. Please take a moment to register. Thank you!

If you still don't have our products, you can order these at our newly created OnlineShop.

Alinea Computer wish you happy Easter!

  • 2006-12-25

AmiPhoto 1.5 available

Wehrheim, Germany the 25th December 2006.

AmiPhoto 1.5
We are glad that we can offer AmiPhoto 1.5 for all registered customers. If you are not a customer of Alinea Computer because you miss a few features, then please contact us. We hope we can fulfill your desire.

We have reworked nearly the complete AmiPhoto source code which has enabled us to use some new AmigaOS 4.0 functions.

New features of AmiPhoto 1.5:

  • Export of HTML catalogues
  • Simple password protection
  • Change catalog order
  • Scaleable window
  • Possibility to use two screens for AmiPhoto (Multimonitoring)
  • Reaction prefs
  • Recursive picture import
  • Mouse wheel support
We also updated the PDF manual.
All registered customers can access the new version in our download section. If you have not registered, please register your copy here.

Big thanks go to you, our customers and all the other people who has support us over the last year. We will be happy to welcome you into the year 2007 and hope you continue being a customer.
We wish all Amiga users a merry Chrismas and a happy new year.

  • 2006-07-10

AmigaOS4 version of wizard.library and new AmiPhoto catalogs available

Wehrheim, Germany the 10th July 2006.


Today a Native AmigaOS 4 version of the wizard.library is available. You can get the library for free from our download area. The new wizard.library works with 68k programmes under the OS4 emulation as well as with future native wizard programmes.

AmiPhoto catalogs

New catalogs for AmiPhoto are available in the following languages: Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian. A big thanks goes to Remo Constantin for his great work. You can find the catalogs in our download area.

Our products at dealers

We want to mention once again that you can also get AmiPhoto from our trade partners GuruMeditation, GGS-Data and AmigaKit. GuruMeditation will receive the WB Super Games and the Payback Fan CD in next few days.

New items in our shop

Our shop has a lot of new items. You can find new amiga merchendising products, the "Total Amiga Magazine" and SODIMMs for the µAmigaOne. Please pop over to our online shop and have a good browse.

  • 2006-06-19

WB Super Games and Payback Fan CD available

Wehrheim, Germany the 19th June 2006.

We are glad to inform you, that we are finished the WB Super Games and the Payback Fan CD. The two products are available in our OnlineShop.

WB Super Games - The Workbench games collection for your AmigaOS 4

WB Super Games is a Workbench game collection for AmigaOS 4 which includes 7 different games. LogiLog, Alinearis and Cerebrum guarantee fun for all fans of brain gym. But also action fans will find them enjoyable. They can train themselves with the network games AXO, Memoria, Serpentis and Stoertebeker for one or two players.
There is always the option to run other programs while playing, because WB Super Games are executed on the Workbench. So you can control a chat-program for example. Moreover, all games are developed to use minimal resources, so that there is still enough system performance for other applications running at the same time. The collection was developed especially for AmigaOS 4 PPC-native. It does not need any additional libraries or SDL.

Die WB Super Games is delivered on CD and costs just 9,95 Euro.

Payback Fan CD - The AddOn CD for Payback

Payback is one of the most popular amiga games of the last years and can still fascinate a loyal fan community. Because of that we have created a CD for Payback fans.
The Payback Fan CD is an AddOn CD for the Amiga game Payback. On the CD you can find 12 background pictures and 16 Patterns for the Workbench as well as skins for AmigaAmp. The highlight of the CD are the 22 still unpublished Maps, which guarantee you many hours of fun. If you like to create your own levels, you can find many textures of all types on the CD. Additionally you can find a exclusive interview of James Daniels, all "Amiga Speed" tests, the Amig@lien Payback Website and many reports about Payback. As a Payback Fan you absolutely need this CD.

The Payback Fan CD is delivered on CD and costs just 5,95 Euro.

A big thanks goes to the author of Payback James Daniels for his support.

For more information visit our website: http://www.alinea-computer.de.