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The new dimension of programming

The most important feature of the new developers system is the step forwards towards the new AmigaOS. At the moment everything still runs on the Classic Amiga, but everything was developed anew with easy portability in mind.

A big step towards more up-to-date system has been made through the decision to support the GNU-Compiler in a modified version. The current Storm-Compiler is not less professional, but not easy to port to other systems.

The new StormGCC is very compatible to the StormC compiler, supports known preprocessor symbols (for instance __FUNC__), writes in 68K as well as in PPC the Amiga Hunk-Format in object files and creates the same debug file format as StormC. The PowerPC version of StormGCC supports the PowerOpen/WarpOS conventions.

In the new StormC the network capabilities are of very high importance. StormC now can be used by a programming team working on one project, without problems. An important utility in this respect is Concurrent Versions System (CVS). With the aid of CVS multiple developers can work on one project or source code at the same time, and link their changes in a controlled fashion. StormC shows in the project version number and status of the files, and color marks files that might give problems.

The network capabilities are rounded off by the new distributed Make. In a network, multiple computers can be used simultaneously to compile a project. StormC finds free computers automatically, and moves compiling jobs to those. A Make Logfile keeps track of various compiler commands, error messages, and allows for an exact error diagnosis in complex projects.

Further novelties can be found in the project management and the editor. With the aid of the global search the entire project or all projects, including hierarchical projects can be searched with full text search including AmigaDOS patterns. It is possible, by double clicking the search result, to go directly to the relevant position in the source code.

The user can now create his own sections, and decide what kind of files should be put there, and how they should be edited, shown or compiled. Sections can be orted alphabetically and highlighted in different colors. StormC gives extensive Online Help to StormC, GCC, AmigaOS Includes and Autodocs. A bubble-help provides basic help when required.

The new editor now also colorizes CVS-conflicts, installer- and AmigaGuide-commands according to new dictionaries. When typing the name of known system functions, the appropriate prototype is shown, which makes further input of parameters for these functions much easier. The double-click on a file path (for instance in an include command) loads the file in a new window. Furthermore the keyboard layout is freely configurable.

A new addition is a program for documentation. With StormDOC one creates ToDo-lists, bug reports, and program documentation. It keeps track of all actions of the user, knows the various destination groups and circumstances of the list, who can all also be configured as search criteria.

The new debugger cooperates on 68K- and PPC WarpOS programs with the StormCompiler and StormGCC. The debugging is now no longer limited to one program - Tasks and Shared Libraries can now also be edited step by step. When Enforcer-hits occur, the debugger immediately shows the position of the source of evil in the source code.

All in all, StormC 4 is fully revamped and greatly enhanced tool, that will once again speed up software-development on the Amiga, and will create it more professionally.

StormC is delivered on CD and costs just 49,95 Euro. Order at once in our OnlineShop.

The news of version 4 in an overview:

List of features:
  • Network capabilities / shared Make
  • modified GCC Compiler for 68k and PPC
  • CVS Concurrent Versions System
  • enhanced Editor (Shows Prototypes of Functions)
  • StormDOC to manage ToDo-lists, bug reports and so on.
  • enhanced debugger (for GCC also)
  • debugging of Tasks and Shared Libraries
  • global full text search
  • comprehensive Online-Help
Classic Amiga:
  • 68020
  • 8 MB free memory
  • hard disc
  • CD drive
  • AmigaOS 3.0
  • 68040
  • 16 MB free memory
  • hard disc
  • CD drive
  • AmigaOS 3.9
StormC v4:

Amiga Plus: 5 of 6 points
"The new version of StormC is definitely big step ahead... The question of updating StormC 3 can definetely be answered with yes." (Amiga Plus 1/2001)

StormC v3:

Amiga Magazin: "Very Good" 94%
"...very usefull and powerfull extension...", "...will develop extremely fast and powerfull software with the PowerASM...", "Excellent manual with PowerASM-tutorial; knows almost all common Assembler-directives; supports plenty of enhanced mnemonics; very good errorreport" Matthias Henze in Amiga Magazin 3/98

Amiga Special:
"With StormC Haage&Partner offers beginners and professionals alike a very powerfull, and on top of that easy to use, compilersystem. The comprehensive manual gives aspecially beginners with examples a good chance to the start in C and C++ programming. StormC supports, besides all Amigas, also all future PowerPC Amigas and the operating system p.OS." AmigaSpecial, 10/97.


StormC 4
StormC 4
StormC 4
StormC 4
StormC 4
StormC 4

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