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AmiWebView 2 - the webcam manager

AmiWebView 2 is a webcam viewer for AmigaOS 4. With this software it's possible to show and manage web cams with a very user friendly ReAction GUI. AmiWebView has different functions to record web cams an show them on your Workbenchscreen. For example you can create a time lapse movie or you can display your current webcam as the workbench background.

AmiWebView 2 is available via E-Mail or CD. The E-Mail version costs only 5,95 Euro and the CD version 9,95 Euro. Order at once from our OnlineShop.

AmiWebView 2 is a programme to manage and show webcams on AmigaOS 4 with comfortable handling and a lot of useful functions.

The current version contains following functions:

  • Clear ReAction GUI
  • Support of HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols
  • You can use a webcam as the Workbench backdrop
  • You can record webcams and automatiacly create a video with ffmpeg
  • You can display the webcam window without a border and with inverted
  • Large documentation (in German and English)
  • Local files exist for the languages German, Englisch, Spanish and French. More languages will come.
  • A simple transparency mode (since 2.1)

You need:



  • Amiga1200 with a BlizzardPPC-160Mhz
  • or an Amiga4000 with a CyberstormPPC-150Mhz
  • or an AmigaOne with a G3-750CXe-600Mhz


  • An Internet connection

AmiWebView 2:
Amiga Future 01-02/2008:
"AmiWebView2 lets you easily manage and display your webcams..."


AmiWebView 2
AmiWebView 2
AmiWebView 2

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